Building a responsive site?

Working on a responsive site means continually checking things at as many sizes and on as many devices as possible. Although resizing your browser window can get you pretty far, there's no substitute for testing your site on real devices. But, using real devices can be a pain. Forward makes it easier.

Forward gives your locally-running responsive site a short, publicly accessible URL. Open this URL on any device and get your local site.

Make a change, refresh, and see the results immediately.

This not only saves you a bunch of deploys, but it also lets you test without having your device on the same network as your computer. That means you can also test your locally-running site on real-world network conditions.

A Simple, Powerful Tool

  • Bookmark your Forward URL and ditch hard-to-type IP addresses that change everytime you’re on a different Wi-Fi network.

  • Let your team test your responsive site on their own devices. Just give them your Forward URL.

  • Let friends and family help you do the testing. Just give them your Forward URL and they can test your site out on their flip phones, bar phones, or whatever they might have access to that you don’t.

  • Test your web app with poor to no reception (e.g. on a train)

  • Make sure your web app works well on slow connections

  • Using responsive images? Serving different quality videos? Testing your site on cell networks is easy with Forward. No need to be on the same local network as your computer.

Read more about using Forward on the Getting Started page.

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