The Trial Period

All Forward plans start off with a free 30 day trial. During this trial period you can use Forward fully; there’s no limitation or cap on the service. At the end of your trial period, you’ll need to setup monthly payments for your plan (or for a different plan) to continue using Forward. To do this, log in to your account, and go to the “Billing” page.

Billing Cycle

If you decide to become a paying Forward customer, you’ll be charged your first monthly charge when your billing details are entered. You’ll be billed every month on the day of the month that you signed up.

If you decide to switch plans, billing will be pro-rated. You’ll only pay for time spent on a particular plan. Your monthly bill will match your new plan from then on.

Viewing Your Invoice

At the beginning of each billing cycle, you’ll receive an invoice for the next 30 days of service. To view your invoice, log in to your account and go to “Billing” There you can see your current and past invoices.

Cancelling Your Account

If you decide you aren’t happy with Forward, you can cancel your account by logging in, and going to the “Plans” page. There you’ll find a “Cancel My Account” button. Cancellation is irreversible, and any data related to your account will be removed from our databases immediately. But if you change your mind later, feel free to sign up for a new account.