Pausing Your Account

May 17th, 2015

For a few months now we’ve been asking for feedback when users cancel their accounts. One interesting thing we found out is that the majority of users are actually really happy with the service, they just use it in bursts and don’t need it consistently month-to-month. We’ve opted not to do on-demand billing from the start, mostly because it’s a hassle and can be hard to explain what you’re actually getting and when you need to pay more.

Many of our users use Forward everyday, some once or twice a week, and others only need it for certain projects. We felt bad for the users that don’t need Forward consistently, because it’s rather inconvenient for them to cancel, go through the signup process, and finally have to re-authenticate their Forward client every time they need the service again.

Today we’ve introduced pausing your account. There’s really not much to explain, if you’re a paying customer, you can pause at anytime and you won’t be billed again until you unpause. We think this will help out a lot of our users that need Forward, but don’t need it everyday.

If you have any feedback, as always, let us know at

—The Forward Team