Invoices, Billing History, and Custom Invoice Notes

November 29th, 2012

After we sent out the first month’s email invoices, we got some requests for “real” invoices, particularly from our European customers.

Well, today we’ve launched real invoices. We’ll still be sending the same billing emails, but we’ve added some new stuff to the Billing section of your account on Now you can view a full version of each invoice, as well as all of your past invoices.

Also as a part of the new invoice feature, we’ve added a company name field for all accounts. For new customers: the field has been added to the sign up form. For existing customers: you should go set yours in the Account section on before your next billing cycle. The account email address will be used as the the company name until you change it.

Finally, we’ve also added an “invoice notes” field under Billing, where you can add other information that will appear on your invoices beneath your company name, e.g. your address, VAT number, etc.

We hope you find the new invoices useful!