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Why do you need Forward?

Demo a Website, Without Hosting

  • Do live bugfixes while clients/coworkers view and test

  • Share a website in development without having to deploy it to a hosting server

  • Django, Rails, PHP — anything that runs on localhost can be Forwarded

  • Password-protect your Forwards

Simplify Mobile Web Development

  • Easily demo mobile sites

  • Test mobile sites on 3g and other cell networks

  • Friends & coworkers can test mobile sites on their devices, from outside of your wifi network

  • Get a bookmarkable URL for testing; no more typing IP addresses on your phone

Do More With Localhost

  • Develop and test Facebook apps
    (we support SSL)

  • Work with APIs that require postbacks/callbacks

  • The more you use Forward, the more uses you'll find for it. Give Forward a try and let us know what you come up with.

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Forward Features

  • All Forwards support SSL
  • Business accounts with unlimited users
  • Unlimited custom subdomain possibilites
  • Auto-disallow robots.txt
  • Custom placeholder pages
  • Auto-disconnect inactive Forwards

How to use it


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$ gem install forward

Forward a Port:

$ forward 3000

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Forward works on these operating systems:

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