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Get a shareable URL for your local dev site with one click

Your local dev site
— right in their browser

Get a public link directly to the web project running on your computer. Changes are instantly live and ready for feedback. No deploysNo FTPNo fuss.

How it works


After installing the browser extension, open any local dev site in your browser and click the Forward button to start forwarding.


We'll create a secure tunnel between your computer and one of our servers, and give it a shareable URL like your‑


When someone visits your tunnel’s URL they'll get your local site—served right from your computer.

Join thousands of teams and freelancers using Forward

Work better remotely

Forward is the best way to show remote co-workers what you’re working on. Start a tunnel with one click, then send them the URL. Better than a screenshot, but just as easy to send. No need to deploy or roll out any changes to a server.

And in the same office

Let coworkers view your local site in their own browsers. Forward’s customizable URLs are much more user-friendly than IP addresses—especially for testing on mobile devices. And you don't even need to be on the same network.

Chrome Extension

Now the only thing you need to use Forward is our easy-to-install Chrome Extension. Get a shareable link to your localhost without ever leaving your browser.

Install Forward for Chrome

Your new best friend for Responsive and Mobile

When you forward the responsive site you're working on, you can pull it up on any device with your easy-to-type, easy-to-remember Forward URL. Testing in real-world conditions (off wi-fi) has never been more painless.

And if you’re building a mobile app that talks to an API, Forward is the easiest way to test your app with a locally-running API server.

Works With Any Local Server

Forward works great with any local development server. If it speaks HTTP, it'll work with Forward. Thousands of developers are using Forward with Rails, Node.js, Wordpress, Django, ASP.NET, PHP, and lots more.

Conquer Post-backs and Webhooks

If your app integrates with services like Facebook, Mailchimp, or Stripe, you likely know the pain of developing with webhooks. Forward can help.

Just point your webhooks at your Forward URL and you can work locally. No tedious deploys or editing code directly on the server.

Static Sites

Now you can share static sites from your computer as well with Forward. No dev server required. Available in the latest version of the CLI, and coming soon to the extension.


  • Enable password-protection per tunnel or for all of your tunnels
  • All traffic between your computer and our servers is sent over SSL
  • Auto-disconnect option, to close inactive tunnels
  • Prevent search engines from indexing sites (via robots.txt)


  • Works with any locally-running HTTP server
  • Framework and language angnostic
  • Browser-based client available for Google Chrome
  • Command-line client available for Mac, Linux, and Windows


  • Specify your own subdomain for each tunnel, or use a randomly generated one
  • Use your own domains (e.g.
  • Provide custom HTML to render when someone visits the URL for a closed tunnel

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