Taking Stock

JAN 1, 2020

It's with a heavy head that we announce that Forward has shutdown. Forward was one of our first software products – we’d only done client work until Forward came along. It was a fun project to build, launch, rebuild/rebrand, and launch all over again. It was also a great learning experience for all of us and will be a little shining star in our portfolios for a long time.

However, all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to support Forward the way we’d like to. Our team has moved on to other opportunities, and Forward hasn’t had the attention it needs and deserves. Rather than let our users down, we’d rather acknowledge where things are and try to end on a high note.

We want to thank all of you that have used Forward. Bootstrapping software is hard; it means a lot that so many of you were willing to pay for a product we worked hard on designing and building – a simple product that solved a simple problem we’d had.


The Forward Team